What are the payment options?
The current payment options are cash on delivery or via UPN payment order, where the reference 00 - No. account and purpose of payment OTHR. Postal services, the Post of Slovenia.

How long does it take receipt of the consignment?
In the event that the image is in stock, it is sent immediately, respectively. during working hours from 08: 00-16: 00 pm, Monday to Friday. For example, the order comes this portrait of the making of the receipt of the order immediately. Making a few days or. depending on the complexity and specific wishes.

How safe is an online store? Purchases safe?
Online store is a safe, all data is stored in secure databases.

What happens when I order products?
As soon as you order products, we send you a message confirming the order, in case of further questions contact you.

Do I get an invoice for my order?
Order confirmation and a list of ordered products can be obtained by e-mail. Account to order, contact your acceptance of delivery.

How in the case of a refund?
Returns are possible, because we are on this obliges law for the protection of consumers which products are purchased through the online store. In case of ordering your images are the possible return of the agreement, since this figure is unique desires only one person who made the original order.

Do prices include tax?
Yes, all prices are tax included in the displayed price.