Terms and conditions

GENERAL CONDITIONS web portal PROVIDEO were prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (pulling in), based on recommendations of the Chamber and international codes for e-commerce.
The web portal PROVIDEO hereinafter referred to as "web portal operated by Vrep l.l.c. (Hereinafter referred to as "provider"). Upon registration in the system PROVIDEO visitors acquire a username, which is equal to its email address and password. Username and password unambiguously define and connect with the data input. By registering, the visitor becomes a user and acquire the right to purchase.
General terms and conditions concerning the operation of the portal user rights and business relationship between provider and customer.
The availability of information (Summary of legislation)
Service is committed to customer always provide the following information:
a) the identity of the company (name and place of business, register number)
b) contact information, allowing the user quick and efficient communication (e-mail, phone)
c) the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)
d) the availability of products (each product or service that is offered on the site should be available within a reasonable period of time)
e) the terms of delivery of the product or service execution (method, place and time of delivery)
f) all prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and it must be shown that they contain taxes and transport costs,
g) the method of payment and delivery
h) the validity of the offer,
i) the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for withdrawal; moreover, about whether and how much the buyer to return the product,
j) an explanation of the appeal process, including full information on the contact person or department for contacts with customers.
product offerings
Due to the nature of online business to offer updates and changes often and quickly. Price is the price valid for online purchase in the case of 100% prepayment.

SUPPLIERS following payment methods:
• Cash on delivery,
• by bank transfer to an account manager (after the offer / invoice)
Customer service issue an invoice on a durable medium, with a breakdown of costs and guidance on how to withdraw from the purchase and return the product if it is necessary and possible.
After payment is made after the invoice the customer receives the ordered product in addition to the final bill.
Purchase agreement (contract) is electronically stored on the provider's server and made available to the customer at any time in his user account (My account).

Price is valid for all trick users PROVIDEO portal.
All prices include VAT, unless expressly provided otherwise. Prices are valid at the time of contract award and have a predetermined force.
Prices are valid in the case of payment by the above methods of payment under the above conditions.
The purchase agreement between the supplier and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the seller confirms the order (the customer receives an e-mail about the status of the Order confirmed). From that moment, all prices and other terms are fixed and are valid for both the provider and the customer.

1. Order in the queue after placing the order, the customer receives an email notification that the order was accepted in the queue. In this step the buyer within one hour of the option to cancel the order. Purchaser at the provider's website is always accessible comprehensive information on the status and content of the contract.
2. Order confirmed if the buyer does not cancel the contract, the contract goes into further processing when the contract provider checks the availability of the ordered products and order confirm or reject a reason. The provider can verify data or to ensuring the accuracy of delivery to the customer dials the contact telephone number. In approving the contract provider shall inform the customer by e-mail about the scheduled delivery time. Contract to purchase the ordered items between customers and suppliers at this stage definitively concluded.
3. Payment of the invoice after the completion of a contract provider sends the customer an invoice in the amount of the contract. Buyer pays an invoice and inform the provider of paid payment by phone or e-mail.
4. Goods dispatched Provider for paid invoice within the agreed time goods preparation and dispatch of e-mail informs the buyer. Provider in that email also inform the buyer of the policy of returning goods, where to turn in case of delay in delivery and where to turn in case of complaints.
5. The bill will be paid on delivery - postman or via UPN payment order, where the purpose code OTHR and reference (00) account number.
The buyer has the right to return within 45 days of purchased goods without any compensation. However, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs arising from the return of purchase. The intention to return, the buyer must notify in writing the provider within 15 days of receipt of goods through to the contact e-mail address info@provideo.si goods could return in the next 30 days.


Products are warranted if so stated on the warranty card or invoice. This warranty is valid by following the instructions on the warranty, and upon presentation of invoice. Warranty periods are listed on the warranty or invoice.

Warranty information is also listed at the presentation of the product. If warranty information, a product does not guarantee or indication at this time is not known. In the latter case, the buyer can contact the provider that will provide up to date information.

Provider of the goods or services delivered within the agreed time, a prerequisite for the delivery of an invoice is paid.
The contract partner for the delivery is the Post of Slovenia, but the provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service, if this contract can be completed more efficiently.
Upon delivery, the customer receives an invoice form for returning goods where the following additional information regarding the right of return and the conditions and manner of implementation of the right itself. These are all the necessary information regarding the address where the customer can contact in case of complaints and information concerning guarantees and other services after the completion of the contract.
Shipping costs borne by the purchaser of the product itself, the acquisition of the product!

The buyer can return the goods if it does not have the properties that the seller has explicitly promised, if the seller sent the wrong product in the wrong quantity, color or otherwise differ from the customer's order.
Buyer can return within 8 days of purchase and requires immediate replacement for the same flawless product or within the prescribed time limit and under the conditions of the complaints of clerical errors.
In case of complaint, the buyer may, in accordance with legal limits requires the replacement of the item, its repair or refund. In the latter case, the seller reserves the right to time, the buyer used goods, the rent charged in the price, but no more than the amount to the extent that it is, at the time of application and the application, the product reduced the market value.
The buyer can return the complaint to bring it personally or by the seller on the cost and upon prior agreement with the seller returned by mail. Method of repayment at our expense is not possible. Shipments with ransom will be accepted.

In the event that the package is physically damaged, it lacks content, or showing signs of opening up, the customer must initiate the process of complaint at the Post of Slovenia. To do so, to bring the package to the post office in the same condition as you received (without anything added or removed) and fill in the reclamation record. Together with the Post of Slovenia we will ensure that the complaints resolved as soon as possible.

The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal user data.
The provider will use the personal data solely for the fulfillment of the contract (sending information material, offers, invoices) and other necessary communication.
User data in no case be handed over to unauthorized persons.
For the protection of personal data is liable to the user in a way that ensures the security of your username and password.

Provider respects the existing consumer protection legislation. The provider is after all reasonable efforts to comply with its duty to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints and designate a person, which, in case of problems, the customer can connect the phone or by e-mail. The procedure for submitting complaints is available on the web site, easy to use and familiar.
Service Provider within five working days confirmed that it has received the complaint, inform the customer how long it will be dealt with and kept informed about the procedure.
The provider is aware of the essential characteristics of consumer dispute, at least as far as solving the case, its asymmetry between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute. It is also a major barrier to the consumer to initiate proceedings before the court. Therefore, the providers should use their best endeavors to resolve any disputes amicably.
We wish you a pleasant shopping via the web portal PROVIDEO.